A landscaping company estimates the price of a job

A landscaping company estimates the price of a job

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Cannot combine these internet coupons or use with any other promotions or offers, does not apply to individual trees, materials or sales tax. Cannot combine these internet coupons or use with any other promotions or offers, does not apply individual trees, materials or sales tax. Adding a fire pit as part of your landscaping will extend the enjoyment of your backyard for you and your guests. They provide warmth, light, a cooking source, and ambiance, making them a natural gathering spot for socializing, entertaining, and relaxation. Soft lighting in a dark outdoor environment is nothing short of magic. It provides a warm, inviting ambiance that beckons us outdoors.

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Las Vegas Landscaping by Cacti Landscapes

Landscaping is a huge umbrella term that covers many services you may need for outside your home, including installing new features. That cost fluctuates based on the size and complexity of your yard and the specific services you need, such as lawn mowing, garden care, and bush trimming. Because there are so many different ways to landscape a yard, the price point of your specific project will depend on the size of your yard and the features you want to add. These approximate prices include materials and professional labor costs.

The size of your yard dictates how much space your landscape designers and installers have to work with. More yard means more softscaping plants such as shrubs and flowers and hardscaping inorganic features like pavers or lighting.

Using these numbers, you can figure out your estimated budget. For example, the average lot size in the U. Instead of using the size of your whole property, think about how much space you actually want to work with.

Your bill will reflect your specific design choices and the challenges that your yard presents. However, estimating cost per square foot can be a useful method for anticipating your budget. There are as many different options for designing a landscape as there are people to come up with them. You can combine countless elements and features to create an outdoor space that truly suits you and your home.

The following are some of the most common features of pro landscape projects. Landscape design is the piece of the puzzle that brings all of these features together. Your landscape pro may be able to create a design for you, or you may decide to hire a separate designer or landscape architect who specializes in planning. The exact cost of your landscape design depends on the size of your property, the complexity of the design, and how long it takes to finalize the plans.

Installing certain landscape features might mean reshaping your property, especially if it includes a drastic incline that would be difficult to build on.

Installing mulch in your plant beds can help prevent weeds and give your whole yard a finished look. You could choose an organic, eco-friendly mulch such as bark chips or straw, or go for something more aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, such as rubber mulch or river rock. The type of mulch you use and the size of your plant beds will determine the cost of mulch for your project.

Adding a flower bed or two to your landscape is an effective, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to add pops of color to your outdoor space. Costs vary immensely based on the size of the bed, the flowers you use, and other site-specific factors. Choosing plants rare in your area will also result in a higher cost.

Planting in bulk could result in savings. Does your front or backyard sometimes flood because of poor drainage? You might be able to solve those problems by installing a new yard drainage system.

Some of the most common types include French drains, catch basins, and yard pipes. Homeowners wanting a luscious, healthy lawn overnight might consider installing new sod.

Is a traditional sprinkler system or a more water-efficient drip irrigation system more appropriate for your home? Yard size, placement of the sprinklers, and the type of sprinklers you choose influence you final cost. Similar to a patio, a deck can be a nice place to relax outdoors, and you can customize your deck design to fit your property and your needs. On the other hand, if you just want to add an aesthetic touch to the front yard, a small 4-foot picket fence would be a better and more affordable option for you.

The height, length, material, and style of your fence will determine how much it costs to install. Along with your patio or other outdoor living space, you might want to install a fire pit so you can enjoy your landscape even after dark. A gazebo is a less common outdoor living space you can set away from your house.

If you want a new gazebo, you can either hire a professional landscaper to build you one from scratch or purchase a prefabricated gazebo kit, which may be easy enough for you to install on your own. Gazebos come in many different materials, including wood, vinyl, composite, and metal. Gazebos also come in a wide range of styles and sizes for different backyards. Whatever kind of gazebo you want, installing it will take at least some light construction work for securing the base.

When it comes to landscape curbing or edging, you have two basic options: pre-built blocks or custom poured concrete. Within the pre-built blocks category, you have dozens of options for the material you want to use, including something simple like concrete or luxurious like flagstone. The price of landscape curbing on your specific property depends on both the material you choose and how much edging you need. Adding lights to your landscape can complement the other features in your yard.

If you have an outdoor living space such as a deck or patio, adding string lights or lanterns will help you enjoy your outdoor space at night.

An outdoor kitchen can be anything from a grill with a small covering to a fully functional cooking space with a sink, stove, countertops, and cabinets. When you start installing features that need electrical or plumbing hookups, the price of your project can skyrocket.

The per-square-foot cost of installing a pathway is the same as that of installing a patio. It all depends on which material you choose, with gravel being the cheapest and flagstone the most expensive. Backyard landscaping is all about comfort and usable space, and a paver patio is one of the most popular features homeowners use to meet those needs.

Since there are so many different kinds of pavers and patios can be all different shapes and sizes, the cost of a patio is highly subjective. The most cost-effective pergolas are built with cedar, while the most durable, low-maintenance, and expensive ones are fiberglass. A large pond for fishing and other recreation will cost significantly more than a small decorative koi pond. When budgeting for a retaining wall, the first thing you have to do is choose your material.

Cinder blocks are a versatile and affordable option, while poured concrete is more expensive. Other popular choices include bricks, boulders, and stone veneer. Decorative water features such as fountains and waterfalls can be complicated to install if they require a plumbing hookup or land grading. Custom-built water features will cost more to install than pre-built models because they require more work. After installation, your landscape needs regular attention to stay well-manicured.

While some homeowners might enjoy yard work, others will hire landscapers and lawn care services to handle maintenance of the lawn and other features. These are some of the services that typical homes require on a regular basis. The prices used here represent the cost of a one-time job. Signing up for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly plan can result in savings per visit. Mowing the grass is one of the most essential tasks to keep a yard neat and tidy. How much you pay for a lawn care pro or crew to mow your lawn will depend on the size of your yard and how difficult your grass obstacles like flower beds or hilly, sloped terrain, for example is to cut.

Depending on your specific contractor, you may pay per work hour, per square foot, or a flat rate. Fertilizing your lawn involves adding nutrients to the soil to help the grass grow lush and healthy. Some fertilizers use chemicals, while others feature organic components that foster growth. The price of bush trimming, just like with tree trimming, varies based on the size and location of the plant.

Contractors tend to charge for bush trimming by the work hour or by the bush if you have multiple getting trimmed at once. Lawn aeration is all about giving your soil space to breathe and keeping your grass and plants healthier. A general yard cleanup includes various services you may need to keep your yard looking its best. During a yard cleanup, a landscaper can pick up leaves, remove debris after a storm, trim plant beds, remove weeds, mow the lawn, and more. How much you would pay for a yard cleanup depends on the size of your property and which services you want.

For example, the price of trimming a tall tree or one in a difficult location, such as close to a power line, will be higher than the price for a smaller tree or one out in the open. If you have sparse patches in your lawn, apply seed there to grow more and healthier grass. Certain aspects of your property can add extra costs to your landscaping project.

For an accurate price estimate, consider these factors along with adding up the cost of each individual landscaping service you need. Your soil type will dictate what kind of plants are best for your yard, which will affect the overall cost of your project. You may also find out that your soil needs enhancements, which will be an added fee.

For landscaping projects that involve construction work, such as building a fence or resloping land, you may need to pay for a permit before you get started. The survey could cost more or less based on the size, shape, and history of your property. Many landscape features such as a pond or retaining wall are probably too difficult for most homeowners to install on their own, but some are relatively simple. Both of these features should be easy enough for just about anyone to put together.

An avid gardener or home improvement DIY-er will probably own all or most of the tools needed to install a basic plant bed. How much of each material you need depends on how many beds you want and the size of each bed. Costs will also vary based on the specific plants and other materials you use. Design the beds. Before you break any ground, plan the approximate size, shape, and contents of your landscape beds. Outline the landscaping bed area.

Mark the space on the ground where your landscaping bed will go. For a kidney-shaped or otherwise curved bed, you can simply lay your garden hose on the ground in the appropriate shape. Dig around the perimeter. Use a spade to dig a trench around the perimeter of your plant bed.

Remove vegetation in the plant bed area. With a sod cutter, pull up any weeds or grass in the way of where you want the plant bed to go. At the same time, remove other debris in the area such as rocks or twigs.

Till amendments into the soil. With your spade and shovel, till soil amendments — preferably organic materials such as compost — into the top 6 or so inches of soil.

Top 10 Tips for Running a Landscaping Business

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Looking to sell your landscaping company? This blog covers how landscaping companies are priced and how you can increase your company's.

Guide to Landscaping Costs & Estimates in Canada

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Phoenix Landscaping Maintenance

Tree Trimming Palm Tree Trimming. Tree Removal Tree Planting. View Deals Schedule Service. We're a hardworking crew of landscapers that offers our talents at an affordable price - we quote each job fairly to ensure you get it done right. We specialize in HOAs , multi-family apartment buildings, and commercial landscaping.

Landscaping contractors build and install hardscaping or softscaping design plans, maintain plantings, trimming the grass and trees, mulching, weeding, and other tasks to keep the landscape looking great. Licensed landscapers are experts in soil drainage, grading, irrigation, and choosing the best plants and materials for your area.


A landscaper is someone who designs a garden, yard, patio, or another outdoor space. An experienced landscaper knows how to grade the soil, plan for weather, and lay out a garden that will both look attractive and provide usable space. This word comes from Middle Dutch roots, land, "land," and scap, "condition. One who grows plants or cultivates a garden. What is the difference between a landscaper and a gardener? Landscaping and gardening both involve design, planning and maintenance , but gardening usually involves only the plants in a space.

Is landscapers a word?

You can often be caught burning the midnight oil trying to draft custom landscape estimates for your clients and feeling overwhelmed. Make the entire process easier and quicker by working smarter not harder, and following these tips for providing accurate estimates. A good rule of thumb is to walk into the client meeting with the mindset that this job is going to be a custom one — because it probably is. The estimate will be affected by whatever permits you have to purchase or laws you have to work around. First, you have to multiply the number of employees needed to complete the job and what their hourly wages are to calculate how much this job is going to cost you.

Q2: A landscaping company estimates the price of a job, in dollars, using the expression 60 + 12nh, where n is the number of landscapers who.

Pricing Guide: How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

Needed extensive old landscaping stone and fabric removed, transfer of stone to new deck bed, topsoil prep for new landscaping, and two larger trees planted. Timely estimates, competitive pricing, flexible scheduling, great communication, experienced and respectful crew. Look forward to working with them in the future. Goldy's was able to quickly schedule me and did an amazing job.

We work with our customers to create beautiful, unique and functional designs. We are a full-service landscape design-build, personal gardening and lawn care company. We will keep our word and deliver quality at a fair price. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience thought the entire landscaping process.

A job well done and a landscape estimate price that matches the final bill are both keys to getting repeat customers. Using a landscaping estimate template improves the accuracy of your customer quotes and results in happier clients.

Estimating landscaping jobs correctly is key to running a profitable business. Statistics show that most contractors only make a profit on three out of every five jobs. They lose money on one and break even on the other, according to Total Landscape Care. Need a landscaping estimating template? First things first, talk to the client about what they want. Do this before you start your estimate and ask lots of questions. Make sure you visit the property yourself and measure it.

I am completely satisfied with the job you are doing for me. I have never had any better service, more courteous workmen and a more thorough job done for me.! Cacti Landscaping is a very reliable company we are out of state right now but can always rely on them to keep our garden in great shape while away very happy with this company. My neighbors recommended Bret and Cacti Landscaping to me.